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Monthly Archives: February 2009

After meeting Sidney through Franki, Sidney said “you must talk to Jonathan,” and called him on the spot. He’s a busy guy, but quickly made time for a talk. Jonathan works as a UN Human Rights Advisor here, and his have included working with the late Sergio Vieira de Mello in Iraq (Jonathan has a nice short piece called “The Importance of Intelligent Empathy” up on the “Chasing the Flame” blog that gives a sense of his outlook). For a guy with so much experience, he seems to easily turn off the gravitas and seem highly approachable. He projected interest in my project and offered a number of telling anecdotes and suggestions for further thinking.
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Sidney is among the many contacts the incomparable Franki Raden shared with me. He’s known her since she worked for the Ford Foundation a long time ago. She’s worked with Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and other internationals and NGOs, and is now Senior Advisor to the International Crisis Group, which specializes in conflict prevention and resolution in Southeast Asia. Needless to say, Sidney’s conversation with me was an individual “pro bono” consultation with me, rather than the official work of the ICG, but she was so fascinating and incisive that I wish I could name her Senior Adviser to the Dark Room project.
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Franki is an old friend from my grad school days, a composer, performance artist, teacher and impressario, so when it transpired that he was back in Java we rearranged our South East Asia itinerary to spend some time with him. As I thought he might be, Franki was just the artist I wanted to talk to at this stage of the project (and he also set up two other great meetings for me).


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