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The anti-torture blog Invictus has a good analysis of this Daily Mail article about Binyam Mohamed’s account of his torture by the United States. The focus is on MI5’s complicity in his abuse, but Invictus also links Andy Worthington’s analysis, which frames the issue squarely as one of the US attempting to manufacture information–in other words, to use torture to construct an evidentiary performance from him. This passage from Invictus (emphasis added)  in particular grabbed me:

The Binyam Mohamed case is one that wakes people up, at least it has in Great Britain. (See Glenn Greenwald’s story comparing the U.S. to British coverage of the case.) But damn if I don’t know what it will take to unfreeze U.S. society on this topic. Torture remains a little understood and embarrassing subject in U.S. circles. It’s dimly recognized that if the lid were totally taken off, much of the establishment leadership in the U.S. would be revealed as culpable, or at least compromised. Hence, mainstream opinion makers are attempting to keep whatever scandals within “reasonable” limits.

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