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Dark Room: a performance and conversation about torture is a work in development. Two or three performers will offer to a variety of US audiences a short, very portable performance about the debates around torture and cruelty in the “War on Terror,” to be followed by a discussion of at least equal length. The goal is to allow US audiences to explore and develop their own moral insights.

During my research travels in 2008 and early 2009, I will be conducting international “listening rehearsals” with artists, activists and ordinary people on four continents, with hopes of developing the work in as rich a way as possible.

If you would like to offer input on Dark Room or help with a Listening Rehearsal when I am in your country, please comment here and/or write me at michael.mpeterson [[[at]]]


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    […] On our second day we again took some work time to complete and send our grant proposals: Michael for the performance part of his torture project: In Dark Rooms and LB for the design of a virtual memorial in Second Life. If you’re really curious, LB’s proposal is here as a pdf (and info about Michael’s piece is at […]

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